Shared Mission

WE are a community of Creative Aquarians and together we are building the school and social network we've been waiting for.


Community Values

In our school, information is second to the energy that carries it. The Golden Chain bestows the blessing and through this blessing and our group consciousness, we can generate, organize and ultimately share it with others. We want to learn how to live a more creative life, to be more fulfilled, to follow our soul's calling. We want to be more productive, to communicate more authentically, to handle challenges with grace. We want to feel more confident and relaxed, to be better friends, lovers, and family members.


Creative Expression

Each one of us has our own unique combination of gifts that we can share. The School for Creative Aquarians is a place to gather in order to contribute to the development of a new species of compassionately creative human beings. 


Part of a Legacy Project

As a member of our school you become a teacher, too - a bearer and sharer of knowledge and experience to help uplift humankind. Not just for now, but for centuries to come.


Who is your community? What are your special gifts? How can you channel these pure teachings through your own interests and specialties?