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For me, artistic activity is a spiritual activity that all artists practice." – Robert Filliou, artist 

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What is a Creative Aquarian?
Someone who is operating at a high level of efficiency in this world; using yogic techniques for energy, strength and self-healing, and creativity for maneuverability, flexibility and intuitive intelligence. The currency of the heart reigns supreme in this exciting new age and creativity is the means of exchange. The outdated and restrictive Piscean power structures are finally dismantling; this Aquarian age gives us access to what was once forbidden to all but a special few. 

What does the SFCA Offer?

Imagine an experiential learning institution with a living curriculum that serves the purpose of joining spiritual and artistic endeavors, giving people of all ages, interests and levels of mastery access to their highest creative purpose. Operating in both digital and community classrooms, The School for Creative Aquarians uses the highly effective technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation along with various artistic modalities to create an environment of transformation, self-realization and healing. New methods of self-expression and deep soul healing are born as the creative self melds with one's true nature.


Collaboration and group consciousness nurtures Creative Community. We offer classes, workshops, discussions, gatherings around many subjects and issues*; interdisciplinary group creative projects, and courses on The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living**, Kundalini Yoga for Children and their Grownups, Kundalini Chair Yoga for elders and those with physical challenges, LGBT+ youth and teens, and a Foundational Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training that you can, if you wish, take for certification.

*the scope of our communities and issues expands day by day.

Stay tuned for additional offerings.  

**for continuing education credits if you wish

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