"In order to be creative,

you know how to 

prepare to be creative...

there's a process that

generates creativity--

and you can learn it...

you can make it 


               - Twyla Tharp

How does your patronage help The School for Creative Aquarians? 

  • pays for the creation of content to spread and take these teachings into the future.

  • pays people for their time, effort and expertise.

  • builds the school in the digiverse and in brick and mortar.

  • you are investing in YOUR creativity and spiritual growth.

  • It gives us the power to invest in you.


  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Creative Practices

  • Community Engagement

  • Compassionate Action

By Being a Part of A Living Curriculum

Creativity and yoga are inseparable; one practice informs and supports the other. Just like all living beings, the curriculum is in a constant state of change and transmutation. It's open, it's ever-flowing and it's collaborative. We are codifying and organizing these teachings so that those who feel the calling of their creativity, and their soul's connection to the Golden Chain, have a place to go for community, practice, and energy. 


1. You become a living organism of The School for Creative Aquarians. As you engage, you help to build the foundation and thus become an active part of the curriculum; taking part as a co-creator and co-educator. The Golden Chain continues with YOU. 

2. Becoming a patron gives you access to trainings, workshops, classes, and members-only content. Depending on the tier, all the trainings are either included OR discounted.