The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living is a very interactive and dynamic opportunity to dive deep into the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as seen through the lens of creativity. Based on my newly published workbook of the same name, The Work Book for The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living will take you through self-reflective exercises and assignments that bring your creative work into deeper focus. You'll understand how the Law of Creativity functions inside of YOUR life and learn tools to access, maintain and deliver your most passionate of passion projects.

  • The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living - The Work Book Edition asks questions that provoke the participants to examine what work needs to be done to live the life they want, and how they are going to go about doing it. The Work Book is full of practices, sadhanas and "hacks" that will get anybody's creative juices flowing.


  • If you are an artist in search of a spiritual practice, Kundalini Yoga and meditation is a wonderful tool for increased awareness and productivity; this course is a great point of entry. If you are a student of yoga in search of a more creative life, the practices and exercises in this course will give you first-hand experience of how targeted daily practice can open up new channels of energy and possibility. If you are a teacher of yoga (or of any creative practice), the structure and content of the course can be utilized to build curricula of your own. 

Dates (all Sundays) in 2021: 

May 16, May 30, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25, Aug 8, Aug 22, Sept 5, and Sept 19.

Time is 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Course sessions are taught virtually to allow for synchronous interaction, practice, conversation, and experience. It also allows participants to attend from all over the world. Sessions are 3 hours long for a total of 30 hrs. Putting course content into use is highly recommended for best results. Work Book is included.

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Lower tiers are deeply discounted.

Non-members (General Admission) and first three tiers may sign up here.

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